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Focus Areas

CATE Power delivers new innovations with customized battery design to meet the demand for reliable energy supply in harsh situations such as high temperature, frequent power failure and CDC applications (charge/discharge/cycle).

We focus on maximizing the value we build for our customers by providing tailor-made solutions. We do not only provide the Best Solution of Battery to our customers, but we also promote the use of High Energy Efficiency for the benefit of all.

Innovative Solutions for High Energy Efficiency
focus areas

Energy plays a huge part in our everyday lives. It doesn't matter if you are at home or at work, we rely everyday on the use of it to power our computers, TV's, etc. However global demand for energy is huge, resources are limited and the situation is getting worrying for the future generation.

One-third of the world's consumption of energy is for electric generation and it is rapidly growing. The important question here is how to improve the energy efficiency of the grid?

There are three main form of renewable energy: Wind, Solar and Biomass which are becoming the next step for the smart grid of the future. Thanks to new energy storage solution, the improvement of energy efficiency is greatly increased and is able to provide a more stable and reliable current, while being more economical and easier to use.

CATE is committed to provide a complete solution for energy storage system. A typical T-BESS system is composed of CATE Torrent Battery, Battery Management System, and High Performance Power Electronics all in one integrated solution. It is a very competitive solution to reduce the cost of your daily operations.

CATE is your ideal partner for the optimization of new energy system.

Battery Solutions Based on Applications
focus areas

CATE focus on providing to our partners the Best Solution to help you maximize the value of the product.

One of CATE’s core competence is to understand and solve our customer’s challenge. Before providing the most suitable product to you, we want to understand our customer environment, how they use their applications and following a detailed survey on the customer site, we can have a better understanding of the energy consumption, environment temperature, failure analysis and provide accordingly the Best Solution to optimize the value of the battery.

The reason why CATE is strong to face such challenges is due to our stable and reliable products as well as our strong R&D capability and customer-oriented team.

CATE is the specialist in the energy sector to help you solve your challenges.

Sustainable Development
focus areas

CATE promotes the use of renewable energy for a greener world with the development of our new product going in this direction. We are not only doing effort for the environment by improving our manufacturing process, but we also focus on providing innovative solution by increasing the use of energy efficiency and reduce the impact on the environment.

CATE Sustainable Development Strategy includes the following:
- Provide more Energy Efficient Products and Efficient use of Resources.
- Implementation and use of environmentally friendly materials in the manufacturing process.
- Use of green packaging and minimize the ecological impact of logistics activities.

Over the years, CATE Power have continuously developed innovative products and technologies not only to help our partners reduce their operation expenses and capital expenditures, but also to reduce the impact on the environment. Reducing the use of electricity and gasoline by increasing the reliability of the batteries is one of our main mission.

In harsh environment countries such as Vietnam and Pakistan, the use of air-conditioner as well as diesel generators is very common, but this has an important impact on the environment with an important amount of CO2. With the release of new product such as the recent XT Series, we allowed our customers to reduce or even remove completely the air-conditioner from their installation, resulting in a reduction of almost 50% in use of electricity.

One of our newest product, the Torrent Battery is produced in a fully enclosed automatic production line with basically zero emissions and zero pollution. Another example is our T-BESS System which provides better efficient energy control for the community.

CATE is a protector of the environment and we are willing to work with our partners to promote more environmental protection activities.

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